Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Pretty Potent Charm Quilt

This summer I bought a charm pack from Anna Maria Horner's Pretty Potent collection. I was looking for a pattern that would work well with a charm pack. I found my inspiration in this rug. I just completed my quilt top last week.

Pretty Potent quilt top

I've been meaning to share this project before, but I never got to it. The patchwork section is 38" x 31.5". I've used 28 of the 30 charm squares from the pack. I've sliced them into two 2.5" x 5" pieces. I've combined them with solid color pieces of the same size. The fabrics I've used for those are: Shot cottons by Kaffe Fasset in Mushroom and in Persimmon, and Kona cotton in Butter. Here is how many 2.5" x 5" pieces of each you would need to make the same layout: 11 in Persimmon, 32 in Butter and 34 in Mushroom.

Pretty Potent quilt top

For the background, I've used Interweave Chambray in Pepper from Robert Kaufman. It's the first time, I use it. It is similar to shot cotton but slightly heavier and with a tighter weave (I got it from Imagine Gnats). Here is a close-up on the different fabrics.

Pretty Potent quilt top

This is more prints than what I usually work with. I'm still unsure of the effect. I love the combination of colors. But, I think the Mushroom fabric might not be contrasting enough with the prints to see the layout.

Or maybe I've been looking at it too much and I need some time to step back. So, I won't quilt it right away. Anyway, I have plenty of things waiting to be quilted. One of which is my Pinwheel quilt. The other is a quilting sampler I've started this project in a workshop with Michèle-Renée Charbonneau from Quilt Matters. This was a workshop we had this weekend with the Montreal Modern Quilt Guild. MR showed us how to make a modern FMQ sampler using different quilting motifs and a quilt-as-you-go technique to assemble the blocks. It was a great workshop and I really enjoyed my day. Unfortunately, I have no pictures to show you. But, I'll share it with you as soon as I make some progress.

Monday, 13 October 2014

Umbrellas Contest at Spoonflower

Have you been following the Design of the Week contests at Spoonflower? This week's theme is Umbrellas. As I was working on an umbrella design for a personal project of mine, I decided to participate. Here are my Umbrellas from Above:

Umbrella from Above

I wanted to have a hand-drawn feeling to it and create secondary designs by illustrating the umbrellas as hexagons. What do you think?

There is still time to vote. If you go take a look you'll see that there is quite a few beautiful and original designs!

Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Origami Oasis

Have you seen the new fabric collection by Tamara Kate: Origami Oasis for Michael Miller Fabrics? I just lover her designs! In the past weeks, Tamara has shared a number of projects made with her collection. Some amazing projects! Also, check out the Michael Miller blog for a giveaway.

Both me and Tamara are members of the Montreal Modern Quilt Guild. I was so glad when she contacted me this summer to ask if I could make a project with her new collection.Today, it's my turn to share what I've done with you. I made a pillow case and a quilted pillow cover. Head on over at the MM blog to read more about them. You'll also find a link to the paper piecing templates I've prepared for the pillow cover. If you are coming from there, I thank you for stopping by my blog and I hope you'll enjoy my projects.

Tangram Pillow 
Tangram Pillow 

Thanks Tamara for giving me the opportunity to sew with your beautiful fabrics!

Saturday, 27 September 2014

Selfish Sewing Week Event

Today, I'm inviting you over at the Selfish Sewing Week event hosted by Imagine Gnats and Kollabora. If you are coming from there, I thank you for stopping by my blog and I hope you'll enjoy my projects.

Rachael from Imagine Gnats contacted me earlier this summer to ask if I would like to contribute with a quilted project. I was happy to accept to write a tutorial for her readers and for you. Most projects featured during the week are garments, but I hope my tutorial will inspire some to make patchwork projects for themselves.

Weave Table Runner

Weave Table Runner

It's not exactly a selfish project as I made it for my mother. But, I hope it will inspire you to make one just for YOU! See this post for the complete list of featured stitchers and some giveaways!

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Herringbone Quilting

Earlier this summer, I've shown you a WIP quilt top made with a rainbow charm pack (see this post). I had mentioned I had to make the quilting for a quilt designed and pieced by my friend Cinzia using the same charm pack. I finished the quilting and gave it back to her last week. Before I did, I took a few pictures to share with you.

Herringbone Quilting

Cinzia pieced improvisational houses. I love the cream, grey and yellow dots she used for the negative space. I love how different the rainbow of colors looks with those compared to how it looks with the cool gray and pure white I've used.

A while ago I had seen a whole cloth quilt from West Elm on Pinterest (see this pin). It features a herringbone pattern for the quilting and I really like the idea. When I saw Cinzia's quilt, I thought it would be perfect to quilt this in the negative space. Herringbone patterns can look like a series of rooftop or tiles. I decided to go improvisational just like the piecing of the houses. I first quilted some vertical lines using my walking foot. I aligned those lines with the edges of the house blocks and with the top of the roofs. Then I switched to my darning foot to free motion quilt the zig zag lines going from a vertical line to the other.

Herringbone Quilting

Herringbone Quilting

Cinzia provided me a yellow and orange variegated thread for the quilting. A contrasting thread makes the quilting errors more obvious. Using a variegated thread adds an additional difficulty. I had a hard time adjusting the thread tension. I wasn't able to completely eliminate the thread loops from the bobbin from showing up on the front. This was more evident when the thread on the front changed to a different color than the one on the back.
Herringbone Quilting

Still, I hope my friend Cinzia is happy with the result and I'm looking forward seeing the quilt finished. As for my quilt, I though I'd share the finished quilt top. It really hasn't change much since the last picture, but the piecing is done. I'm still unsure how I'll quilt it. Either a large spiral or something that will accentuate the two levels of pinwheels.

Pinwheel Quilt

Both these quilts are meant to be donated by the Montreal MQG to a palliative care center. I hope they will bring comfort to the persons who will receive them.

Thursday, 4 September 2014

Back to School

School started last week. It feels so weird to have some time alone in the house. Weird, but good! Time when I can totally focus on what I'm doing and be more productive. I had some small projects to make before school. My son needed two pencil cases. My younger one asked for one too. Also, I wanted to make some gifts for his daycare teacher since he was changing group. So, I decided to make them some zippy pouches as well, for a total 5.

Four of them were made with the open wide zippered pouches tutorial from Noodlehead. I love that tutorial and how this pouches open-up in such a way you can clearly see what is in it.

Zip pouches

For my sons pouches, I ordered some eco canvas from Spoonflower. It's not as stiff as I thought it would be and it does fray a bit. But, the colors printed on that fabric looks so vibrant. The design I ordered was a winning design from a past contest (Fishing Lures) by Laura Mayes. It's the fish print in the picture above. As soon as I saw it, I wanted to order some for my sons. They both loved it. So much, that they didn't even notice the pink in the print, which they usually do

For the 5th pouch, I used this tutorial which I've been wanted to try for a while. I also like how it opens up. However, I was expecting something a bit more bigger. Or it's the school who asked to put way to much stuff in it.

Zip pouches

This one was much harder to assemble. It didn't help that my cord for the piping was too large and my bias tape way too narrow. I didn't have time left to go at the fabric shop, so I used what I had at home. But I manage to finish it and I hope that he will be able to use it for some time.
Zip pouches

Now, back to quilting. I'm working on new projects and it's quite exciting. I'll try to share some with you in the coming weeks.

Sunday, 3 August 2014

Sew Canadian

Have you been following along the Sew Canadian blog series at Mad About Patchwork? All summer, two Canadian bloggers have their sewing space featured on their blog on Sundays.

Today, it is my turn along with Felicity of Felicity Quilts. You'll find the post here. If you come from there, I welcome you in my space. If not, I invite you to have a look. It's great to meet other Canadian sewers/quilters and learn about their sewing space.