Thursday, 27 October 2011

Colors of the Week

Last week, my husband came to me and suggested that we have something for our kids to visualize what day we are in the week. So, I did a little surfing on the internet and I came upon this interesting blog post. I found it interesting to use different colors to represent each days of the week.

I decided I would do a color wheel with colors of the rainbow. Of course, I chose to do it with fabric. I wanted my little boys to participate a bit so I didn't do anything complicated. We went it my small stash of craft felt and chose our different colors together. Afterwards, I use my sewing machine to embroidery the days name (in French) with my two boys sittings on each of my laps. It was fun for them. I did the remaining in the evening after they went to bed. I had some binding ready that was left over from another project and that fitted well the color wheel.
  Colors of the Week
I did two of them, one for each, that now hang on their bedroom walls. Each day is like a little pocket. And they use a clothespin to identify the current day. They change it when they go to bed or when they get dress in the morning. It was fun little projects to make and they love it!

Here is a quick update on my Reflection Mini Quilt. I finished assembling the top. And I did something really simple for the back as it will hang on the wall anyway.
Reflection Mini Quilt Reflection Mini Quilt

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  1. Hi Josee! I love your reflections mini quilt! It's so beautiful.