Thursday, 31 March 2011

Zippy pouches

I've sewn those cases for my two little ones. It's based on a project in the Spring 2010 issue of the Stitch magazine. For the first pouch (brown one), I've modified the appliques a bit. On one side, I put the mushroom appliques. On the other side, I put the hedgehog with a slightly different shape with a mushroom instead of  flowers. For the second case, I felt it didn't need appliques because of the owls in the fabric print. The most interesting part in doing this project was to see my 3 year old son's excitement as I was realizing it. The younger one (16 months) didn't understand much. But still, he was happy to carry on his crayons in his pouch when I gave him today!

Zippy pouches

Zippy pouches

Zippy pouches

Zippy pouches

Fat Stash Bee - April blocks

Here are my blocks for the month of April in the Fat Stash Bee. For this month, we were asked to do concentric squares with fabrics in red, white, grey and black. It had to be a bit masculine since the quilt will be for jkae1989's 15 year old son. The fat quarter I received from her is the red one in my blocks. The other ones are coming from my stash. She will split our blocks in 4 and reassemble them all mixed-up to do Modified Bento Box blocks (tutorials here and here).

Fat Stash Bee - April block 1 by thecharmingneedle

Fat Stash Bee - April block 2

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Handbag Sewing Course

Last week, I attended a sewing class on handbags. I was just looking for a bag pattern when I saw that course. I think I have the same bag I had5 years ago. I never sewn handbag so, I thought this course would be instructive. Furthermore, the bags shown in the course description seemed interesting. We are using Nancy Zieman's templates from Clover. I've chosen the California collection template ( I prefer small bags, I usually don't carry much with me, so I've chosen the Carmel Petite variation. The course is 2 blocks of 3 hours. The second part is next week and we are supposed to complete our bags. So, this week I'm working on my homework. We need to finish assembling the outer shell with some decoration of our own and the lining. Next week, we will be joining both together and adding the hardware for closure and the strap. The teacher provided us some pink jeans for the outer shell. I've decided to add some fabric from Laura Gunn's Poppy collection (Michael Miller) and some plum solid cotton from my stash to add some interest.

Since I'm making one, why not make two? So, I started another
one with fabrics from my stash: blue jeans and again cotton prints from
Laura Gunn but this time from the Lantern Bloom collection.

I love her fabrics but I never got the chance to use them. I only have a small amount, so those projects are perfect. I'll let you know what the final result is.

Sunday, 20 March 2011

Fat Stash Bee - Fabric for my Month

Yes, I already have my fabrics for my month in the FSB, which is only in June. I was obsessed by it. Ah! the excitement of the first bee I guess. It wasn't long before I took my decision for the fabrics and ordered them over the internet. I also wanted to make sure to receive them in time since shipping here can be sometimes long. I was really surprised to get them the week after. I decided to make a baby quilt. I first thought about doing a quilt for my own bed. But, I realized that a queen size bed quilt might be a too ambitious project for my first quilts, particularly the quilting part. So, here are the fabrics. The main one is Alexander Henry Starling Natural fabric. The others are fabrics of 4 different colors, colors that are found in the Starling fabric. For red, I chosed Laurie Wisbrun, Tufted Tweets, Birds on a Wire Sorbet. For pink, Darlene Zimmerman, Three Bears Collection, Cherries on Camellia. For blue, Laurie Wisbrun, Tufted Tweets, Birdies and Chairs Grass. And for green, Carolyn Gavin Wild Thyme Tulip Flowers Green Natural. The fabrics all come from Lucky Kaeru Fabric and Supplies. For each bee member, I will provide a fabric of one of these colors and I would like them to make a block by completing with fabric from their stash in the same color. Depending on the type of block I decided, I might also provide a little piece of the Starling fabric to put in the block center. I'll see, I still have some time to think about this... It should be fun.

Monday, 14 March 2011

Fat Stash Bee - March Block

My first post in my first blog will be about the first block I did for the first quilting bee I'm in (Fat Stash Bee). There is a beginning to everything, right! In our bee, the person who is leading the month only provides the 11 other member a fat quarter. We have to integrate this in our block and complete with fabrics from our stash. For this month, we had to do a house block for princessmax's neighborhood quilt. She provided us a orange FQ which I used for the brick in my house. She also gave us a couple of links for inspiration, one of them was a tutorial from comfortstiching. I based my block design on this and I adapted it to do a little candy shop. This idea came from fabrics I had: a candy print and a fabric with stripes in the same colors. The first was leftovers from Christmas which I bought with my sister to do some Furoshikis (Japenese gift wrap).  The second one comes from a jelly roll of quilting fabric remnants I bought thinking my little stash would be insufficient. I thought these would be perfect for this project. Here are the fabrics:
March block by thecharmingneedle

Here is the design I sketched:
March block by thecharmingneedle

And here is the final result. It was really fun to do this and I hope princessmax likes it!

March block by thecharmingneedle